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18th May 2014 from TwitLonger

The voted top comments of this article about EXO-M's responses to Kris' departure are very negative towards EXO 11.

Some include
"Is Tao even Chinese? To actually curse Kris, he was also the one who knelt to the Japanese, what the hell is he."
"I dislike Tao the most. It's always gegegegege and now he's so quick to turn his back."
"Tao is a fucking idiot." and "he speaks like a Korean advocate."
"Even though I'm not a fan, but from the point of a view of a bystander, maybe everyone's not getting a bit enough split of the money. If it's not for money but for artistry then, a bunch of guys jumping around and wearing make up, is that something guys do?"

PLEASE go like (thumbs up) some supportive comments.
Below are some examples to look for if you can't read Chinese:

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