Breakdown of what Manchester City's financial fair play sanctions actually mean:
:: 60million euro (£49million) to be withheld from prize money over the next three seasons, but this will be reduced to 20million euro (£16.3m) if the club complies with agreed spending and break-even limits.
:: Champions League squad cut to 21 players for next season, but will be back to 25 players for 2015-16 if they comply with agreements.
:: Spending on transfers limited to 60 million euros (£49m) net this summer.
:: A salary freeze on the Champions League squad for the next two seasons.
:: City have agreed to the cut losses to a maximum of 20m euros for (£16.3m) the 2013-14 financial year and 10m euros (£8.2m) loss for the 2014-15 season.
:: Manchester City's £400million Etihad sponsorship deal was passed by UEFA but the club have agreed not to increase the value of two "second-tier commercial partnerships" with other parties related to their Abu Dhabi-based owners.
:: The club has also agreed that revenues from the sale of image rights to related parties will not be included in future break-even calculations.

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