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14th May 2014 from TwitLonger

A History Lesson with Erdoğan: Mine Disasters

"Let's look at Britain's past. In 1862 204 people died in a mine. In 1866, 361 people died there. In an explosion in Britain 290 more. And France? 1099 died in the second worst accident in world history in 1906. Let's go on to closer times: in Japan in 1914, 687 died. In China in 1942, 1549 died when gas and coal mixed.

My dear friends, in China in 1960 684 people died due to a methane gas explosion. And in Japan in 1963, 458 died, again due to a coal dust explosion. In India, 375. In 1975 some methane gas caught fire, and a mine roof collapsed and 372 died.

In these mines these types of accidents are ever-present.

Let's look at America, which has every type of technology. In 1907, 361 died. My friends, and now we, this time, in these types of mine, are seeing these things in coal mines, so please don't say that these types of incidents can't happen. These are ordinary things. In literature, they talk of "work accidents". They are inherent in the creation of these structures: there is no such thing as 'there can never be an accident.'

(source: http://www.imctv.com.tr/2014/05/14/basbakan-erdogan-literaturde-is-kazasi-var-bunlar-olagan-seyler/)

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