[Trans] #3Days Making Film: Son Hyunjoo & Park Yuchun’s Finale Thoughts filled with regrets

Is Donghwi actually safe and sound?

(Staff) kekekeke
The staff burst out of laughing on Donghwi's real-like acting!
"Since he kept not getting up-"

As expected, Lee Donghwi is offered a bouquet-!
"What's with the bouquet-"
"Thank you-"

DH: Hello, I am Son Hyunjoo who acted as Lee Donghwi. Thank you for watching our drama all this time. I will immerse myself into the filming believing in that everyone will love our drama until the very end. Various thoughts come to my mind. We filmed in winter and it became spring and now summer is coming... Once again, (time) would pass by, wouldn't it? Looking back now, there is a lot of heart-wrenching things, isn't there? I couldn't bring myself to tell everything just by talking. Anyway, I will do my best until the end of the drama and I will come back to you in good shape in my next drama.
Everyone, thank you for watching 3Days all this time and I'm going to tell everyone that I love you. I love you! Thank you very much! This was Son Hyunjoo acting as Lee Donghwi! Now, I will go back to being a commoner- Thank you-!

As expected, Taekyung is holding in his hands the production team's heart!
Donghwi hands a book to Taekyung.
Then, gives a ti-ght hug to Taekyung!

TK: Finally, the last shooting for 3Days is over and right now it's around 3 AM... Just now, we shot the last group picture... and I still can't realize (it's over) yet...
This time for 3Days, I don't know why but I have the feeling that the filming had taken a lot more time than for my other works. It must be probably because it was my first time challenging action scenes... I feel like it was a piece of work in which I have learned a lot by experiencing a lot and acting a lot in harmony with my sunbaenims.

(Don't leave-T_T)
"Thank you so much to all the viewers who have been watching our drama 3Days and me as Han Taekyung till now!"

Thank you to all the viewers who have been loving 3Days till now!

Source: http://youtu.be/AgM4MH6OREc

Translated by Sheena

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