Miriam Bale · @mimbale

4th May 2014 from TwitLonger

How much does it cost to have an indie film career? About $100,000.
Not a lot of money, to some.

$15,000 1st feature
$30,000 2nd feature
Then let's say basic living expenses are:
$1000/mo rent
$300/mo food
$100/mo travel
$144/mo film education (3 movies a week at $12/movie)
Total $18,528 a year living expenses

So $74,112 living expenses for four years (1 year making it, 1 year traveling to festivals)
+ $45,000 basic budget for movies
$119,112 = cost to have an indie movie career

If you are working a full-time job making $12/hr, after taxes you are making $21,600 a year. Subtracting the most basic living expenses, you could save $3072 a year.

It would take you 39 years to save up enough money to have an indie film career.

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