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2nd May 2014 from TwitLonger

[TRANS] Yoochun's "Adieu Three Days!" interview

Hello, I am Park Yoochun who plays Han Tae Kyeong.

Q: This is your first attempt at action scenes! Which action scenes were memorable to you?

There were a lot of action scenes as I filmed for Three Days. Personally, what made me realize for the first time that action scenes were so hard was my first action scene that I shot in the train. I think it was very hard for me as I filmed that scene, but I worked hard for it. That part remains in my memory. I wanted to show everyone action scenes in a professional manner, but there were many parts that didn't go as I wished. There were a lot of times when my body couldn't follow my heart's intentions. If I compare this chance with the future, I think I will build up my body and practice ahead of time so that I can show even better action scenes to everyone.

Q: What's your reaction to fans saying that your charm on and off camera are different?

I also think that there is a difference in me between when the camera is on and off, but when I start filming, I am really 100%...120% thinking as Han Tae Kyeong. I know that I am Han Tae Kyeong.

Q: How was it when you were becoming the character of Han Tae Kyeong?

More so than the emotional part, I feel like I have a bit of him inside of me. The experiences he has had and his career, he is someone who possesses a lot in those fields so there weren't a lot of parts which required him to hide his inner feelings naturally. There were parts when I had to show short cuts of emotions and personally, I thought that it wasn't easy and I was quite concerned about it. I worked hard to portray those parts.

Q: What were the JYJ members' reactions?

First of all, they really worried about my shoulder. They worried about my shoulder along with the action scenes but they'd have reactions like "Nice job~" and "That was a cool action scene~" The members are also.. like Jaejoong hyung is busy with Triangle, a drama by another station and Junsu is busy with a lot of things, but they'd monitor my drama and that gave me strength while filming.

Q: What do you have to say to the supportive viewers of Three Days?

A lot of people really worked hard to show everyone a very cool drama. While making this drama with that heart, we were also being chased by time and because of some circumstances, we had to drop certain parts. I was really concerned, a lot of people came together and focused to film this. I think this was a very special experience to Park Yoochun, and I was very happy to meet so many great sunbaenims and staffs. Thank you for loving Three Days, I filmed it diligently. Thank you.

Text: Thank you to the viewers who have loved Three Days up to now

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ietAVW0hcpM

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