I'm very sorry to let you all know that Hedges v. Obama, our lawsuit challenging the egregious assaults of the 2012 NDAA, has been denied. We did our best; we lost.

The Supreme Court has made it abundantly clear, first via Citizens United, then most recently via McCutcheon v. FTC, that corporations are "persons" who's "free speech" must be protected at all costs - including the cost of democracy - while our rights - the rights of living, breathing people, the fundamental right of due process and our fundamental rights of free speech and association - those no longer matter. They are to be trampled.

Under the war on terror, the United States government has trampled upon the fundamental human rights of people around the world since 9/11. The Bush administration manufactured a false war based on carefully crafted lies, false evidence and sickening manipulation. In the wake of that war, our courts prefer to continue to defer to a disingenuous national security narrative that has arisen out of the lies, paranoia, and incredible lawbreaking of our own government, including kidnapping, torturing, indefinitely imprisoning, and assassinating people with impunity – all of this against both reason and international law.

We are no longer a nation ruled by laws. We are nation ruled by men who have so steeped themselves in a false narrative that at the same time they are exponentially increasing the ranks of terrorists, they are destroying the rule of law itself. It is madness upon madness - the classic tale of becoming the evil you purport to fight while believing you remain righteous.

We have tried to stand up to this madness: we are outnumbered, outspent, and outgunned - a David intrepidly fighting a Goliath that spans the planet and has the power to shape our "reality" - thus shaping what the courts even see. We have sacrificed greatly to do this - and yet we would do it all again.

Our foes attack all of us on two primary fronts: our civil liberties and human rights, and through global enslavement to a neoliberal economic system that serves a tiny minority at the expense of all of our futures and all life on this planet.

Two years ago the RevolutionTruth team worked with Chris Hedges and our lawyers, Bruce Afran and Carl Mayer, and we brought in plaintiffs Daniel Ellsberg, Birgitta Jonsdottir, Alexa O'Brian, Kai Wargalla, and myself, to attempt to stand up to the 2012 NDAA and its assaults on the first and fifth amendments. Let history show that we tried to reverse this madness. Let history show that a small group of individuals backed by good people from around the world worked very hard to stand up to the United States Government.

This battle is lost but the war is not over. Arab Spring and Occupy showed us that it is possible for millions of people to stand up together, to awaken a shared commitment to a better future. They were a reminder that all things are possible - not just assaults, lies, corruption and the slow devastation wrought on us by the world's most powerful elites - but a spontaneous rising up, to reclaim our power, our voices and our futures.

All things ARE possible. Take heart that you stood with us in this case, and against great odds. Take heart that because of you our hashtag ‪#‎StopNDAA‬ trended worldwide on Twitter, streaming across millions of television screens during the final presidential debate of 2012, and that because of you, nearly 400 people showed up to a federal courthouse in New York City for a simple hearing. This was YOU, the people, not an abstraction - but you in your flesh and blood showing up - and that was something that court had never before seen.

Take heart that we have shown one another that great things are possible when we believe in something greater and stand up united behind something larger than ourselves. Take heart that we all tried, for in our shared efforts, we are all changed. We become wiser, stronger, and deeper, even when we are tired. We become more powerful, even when we know anguish and exhaustion and have lost hope that we have any power. We become better people, more equipped for the battles ahead.

Prepare yourselves, for the battles ahead. We may not yet know what shape they will take, or how are where they will take place. But they WILL indeed take place.

We who are attempting to change the course of things on this planet, against enormous odds - we stand on the right side of history. Truth is our friend, and those who invert truth for fiction, who make a dark and ugly reality out of a ground of lies; those who have zero compunction over taking away our rights and destroying the kind of future we all need - one of rights, liberties, decency, and sustainable systems - those who oppose these things- they are our foes, and they WILL be stopped.

The battle is lost but the war awaits us. It is a war over not just rights and a sustainable future, but over reality itself. Take heart and keep doing the good that you do - for no effort, small or large, is ever in vain, no matter it's outcome.

Take heart and be ready for the call that will unite us all, a rising up of humanity to become a common, roaring tide, to stop this madness, and to take these broken systems down and remake them.

All things are possible. Including standing up to the United States Government. We will continue to stand up to this government and to governments and corporations worldwide who, at their core, betray our very humanity. We will fight this, until, in the end, we win.

See SC denial on pg 5: http://www.supremecourt.gov/orders/courtorders/042814zor_6k47.pdf

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