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28th Apr 2014 from TwitLonger

Regarding the recent gun patches, Myself, along with most of the community, think the Bizon needs to be nerfed. A huge component of gun selection in Competitive Call of Duty revolves around Balance. Pre-update, the Mtar has been the most popular gun because it is considered “Good” in the three main ranges (Close Range, Mid Range, and Long Range). The Vector was also a popular option because due to its’ decent rate of fire and its’ strong damage. This made the vector good at close range, great at mid-range, and poor at long range (Too much recoil to be utilized long range). This meta, choosing between a gun that gives you an advantage at range while sacrificing damage up close and vice versa, was sufficient for competitive cod at this point. That meta is now essentially gone.

The patch has basically eliminated these two guns as options and is forcing players to only use Bizons. The bizon’s rate of fire is extremely high, but was balanced before the patch due to the gun being weak at range. Now the current ROF paired with the damage at range increase, it has become overpowered. The gun is great at close range (partially due to the hip fire accuracy being amazing), great at medium range, and good at long range.

The high ROF on the gun makes it necessary to use. Pros will hit most of their shots, so when you are in a gunfight with another pro and they have a gun that does roughly the same damage while shooting x% faster (The bizon), you stand no chance. Your only option is to use the Bizon also. I feel the bizons ROF needs to be reduced and the damage at range needs to be reduced slightly also. Obviously I would have to test it, but I feel that might be a solution that will still make the bizon an option for an SMG, while not being overpowered.

In this first youtube clip pay attention to the 2nd kill that Apathy gets. He is able to kill the opposing player in the blink of an eye, while hipfiring. The other player doesn’t even have a split second to react.

In this clip you can see how the bizon still kills way too fast at long range. A shot like this should be basically impossible to hit with a gun that has such a high ROF. I understand that shooting from prone is the most accurate way to shoot, but that is still an insane kill in my opinion.

A large issue with the post patch bizon is that it allows you to get kills when you shouldn’t, especially when you make a mistake. In this clip you can see the player gets a 3rd kill around the blitz portal that he should have never gotten. He was coming out of a gunfight and the other player still didn’t have a chance to get a shot off on him.

The OP rate of fire is demonstrated in this clip.

This clip shows how the kill time of the bizon is simply too fast.

This video is a compilation of bizon kills from one game. In the early clips, you can see the kill time at range for an SMG is way too fast.

This last clip is a vine, but it also demonstrates the extremely fast kill time at range.

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