[Trans] #3Days Making Film: The name that Park Yuchun (Yoochun) shouted to his throat loss

Shouting Han Taekyung! Why isn't my name Yoon Bowon...

TK: "Really, it doesn't work even if I have been practicing all day long-"
What is that Taekyung says doesn't work?

"I'll do it once again-"
"close... population..."
Taekyung looks troubled because of his difficult lines.
"close... population..."
"It really doesn't work-"

Taekyung and Bowon are rehearsing their lines.

At this moment, PD-nim is delivering some good news(?).
Changing 'scatter' -> 'separate' !
"O-ho, I like it!"

Taekyung's passionate rehearsal!
While Taekyung was working hard filming
We asked Bowon out of the blue about her ideal type.
"My ideal type is... simply someone who will silently stay for a long time by my side?"
"Someone like Taekyung... (joke) Not Yuchun-ssi!"
"I think 'Han Taekyung' is also the type of character who will quietly silently stay for a long time by my side-"
"I like that type."

The shooting starts again with the quiet and silent Taekyung!
Bowon is also mischievious off-camera!
TK: "Aigoo- my throat-"
BW: "I was really surprised!"
TK: "Aigoo- my throat-"
BW: "(Taekyung) You're doing a great job-"

Please watch over these two until the end-

Source: http://youtu.be/4WqP-cq9Niw

Translated by Sheena

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