[Trans] #3Days Making Film: Park Hasun is protecting Park Yuchun?

Bowon is protecting Taekyung! If you're envious, you lose... and I lost.

Taekyung & Bowon are in the middle of a heart-fluttering rehearsal-
(joke) "Drive properly-"

Taekyung received Bowon's overcoat.
(joke2) "I'm cold-"

The filming starts...
PD-nim?: "(Bowon), looks like you are the one protecting him-"
BW: "It does look like that, right?"
TK: "When I did that, what did you do?"
TK: "You grabbed me like that?"
PD-nim?: "It's not that-"
BW: "My original character shows up-"
TK: "Wanted to do a shoulder throw to me...?"

This time, Taekyung is protecting her for sure!

While waiting, Bowon is seated on a rocking horse.
"I won't ride it-"
"I won't ride it!"

Park Hasun (28) / Actress
Since it's a bit hard staying up all night for shooting... I need to keep myself enjoyed like this, haha"

What about Taekyung?
"Ayoo- I'm embarrassed-"

Taekyung is simply waiting, too.

Then, Taekyung's filming starts...
He... He's coming closer...
What is this feeling I had already encountered once...?

Ending with Taekyung's third breath attack-

Source: http://youtu.be/uX6Gd0jrooI

Translated by Sheena

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