[Trans] #3Days Making Film: Laughing virus explosion! Chief is so funny!

Laughing Virus explosion! Chief is so funny-

Taekyung is in the middle of filming.
While waiting, Taekyung's food show was captured!
"I'm telling you it tastes good- Try it-"
"After all, all 3 scenes are in a row-"
"4 scenes!"
"All these- 4 scenes!"
Moreover, Taekyung knows all his schedule!
"All right! Let's do this-"

Taekyung starts his filming with Chief.
"I should have held myself from laughing a minute ago..."
What did Taekyung have to hold himself from laughing?
Chief is lightly "touching" Taekyung.
PD-nim: "Come here-"
PD-nim: "Come here- bring your butt!"
PD-nim: "That was funny, right?"
Chief: "I stayed still-"

How about this time...?
Chief: "This time, I laughed first-"
Taekyung: "I'm sorry-"
PD-nim: "No, that's OK-"
Taekyung: "Ah- I'll go crazy-"
Chief: "It's a 10-minute scene though?"
(Avoiding eyes)
However, Taekyung's laughing virus can't stop!
Taekyung: "I'm sorry-"
PD-nim: "Your attempt to suppress your laughing was too obvious-"
Taekyung: "I'm sorry-!"
Taekyung: "I'm sorry-"
Chief: "No, it's OK-"

If it was a bit hard because of Taekyung's laughing virus, then how about Chief?

Chief: "I'll do it one more time-"
Chief keeps making NG lines!
Chief: "What am I saying-"
PD-nim?: "Hyung- Just stick it on the chest!"
Chief: "(cheerful) Should I-?"
Chief: "Just hold it a bit-"
This is how Taekyung is holding the lines so Chief can see it well!

Taekyung is earnestly learning his lines on the side.
At this time, there was something Taekyung was drinking time to time..
(This.. is not just a simple coffee-)
A charming atmosphere..?
The hand of someone who is busy signing..?
The owner of this hand is none other than Taekyung
The coffee carriage that Taekyung's fans have nicely prepared!
Thanks to them, Taekyung's energy is surging up-!

Source: http://youtu.be/8Wn0oLcX3MY

Translated by Sheena

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