translation of Donetsk Peoples' Republic appeal, given out in Sloviansk on April 25 according to @GonzaloWancha (

"Donetsk People’s Republic (established in 1917, re-established in 2014)
Independence (autonomy) is:
1. All the taxes and revenues to be left in the Republic
2. Two official languages – for all official papers, instructions and documents. All the films should be dubbed in Russian language too. One should also be given an opportunity to chose the language of teaching [in schools, universities].
3. The possibility to broadcast Russian TV channels [banned and blocked now in Ukraine]
4. The complete ban to glorification of Bandera, Shuhevich and other nationalists as criminals responsible for genocide of civil population [i.e. in WWII times].
5. An end to political persecution.
6. Banning the imposition of sectarian ideology, banning of nationalist parties and movements
7. The opportunity of people’s control over the distribution of funds that were created by people of Donbas [Donets basin]
8. The restoration of trade communication with Russia that is necessary for restoration of industry and especially machine-building.
9. The opportunity to elect the governors [since regional governors are appointed by Kiev].

Stop waiting! Let’s act! Only we can improve our lives!

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