English translation of a leaflet distributed on April 25 in Sloviansk (pic.twitter.com/ezGG2eisYX) according to a Spanish journalist @pmarsupia (https://twitter.com/pmarsupia/status/459624633709629440)

"An appeal to students, miners, and workers:
Fellow citizens, we stand for the rights to be a free people, for the right to think and speak our mother tongue, the right to a decent life, and not just survival from payday to payday.
Remember how we stood in a united front at the time of the miners' strikes in 1989 and 1993, then we forced them to hear our voices, but did not take things to their conclusion.
We are those who were knocking their miners helmets [miners in Ukraine knocked their helmets on the pavement expressing protest], their children, and those who remember the past. How long are you going to wait for a better life? Myabe it's time to take power into our own hands, instead of listening to sell-out politicians?
We have the opportunity to change our life for the better. Not all enterprises have been pillaged yet, not all industry has been destroyed, and we are a hard-working people, and next to us there is a neighbour - a great country which is lending its hand to help.
It is exactly against this that the new slave-owners are against, they who have tried to scare us, for in the new republic [i.e. Donetsk People’s republic], there is no place for them.
Tell everyone you know, stop sitting at home and moaning, for tomorrow, when your children will have nothing to eat, you will remember how you did not join us in a united front, but then you won't be able to do anything against the nationalist punishers.
Call everybody to go to the permanent rallies! For our common future!
Permanent rally everyday near Donetsk district administration, near local councils, and administrations."

(thanks to Timur, Artem and Dmitri for the translation)
(Published for information purposes only, not because I agree with its contents which are a mix of an appeal to working class organisation mixed with Russian nationalism as a solution)

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