Tim Layden · @SITimLayden

22nd Apr 2014 from TwitLonger

Got confirmation from @ryanhall3 on strong story by about Hall telling other USA runners not to help chase down @runmeb. Hall told me by text msg: ``It's true. First it was Nick Arciniaga, then different American guys would go to the front [of the chase pack, after Meb and Josephat Boit had pulled away] and start pushing. I kept telling them not to, that we needed to give Meb as much space as possible. If the African guys were going to try to catch him, we weren't going to do the work to help them. It wasn't my day to win, as much as I wanted to. Meb winning was the next best thing and what the US needed.'' Hall said he hadn't talked to Meb about the tactic after the race. ``I haven't seen him since the race. I flew home right after the race. I don't want to take anything away from his victory.''

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