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21st Apr 2014 from TwitLonger

@stskeeps I noticed your yesterdays discussion about chum, openrepos and maemo-extras.

You missed one big pitfall of -extras life-cycle.
For the first 'days', devs were doing QA as they should. Normal flow: devel->testing->stable.
Then, some 'superlib'(for example, newer version of Qt plugin) pushed to devel. 1-2 months, and it pushed to testings. Here we go. It cannot be pushed to stable due to conflicts or quality (it's not super maintained, have some known bugs, etc). But it already valuable for stock device devs.
Next 1-2 months, lots of apps developed with that new version of 'superlib'. They also stucked at testing. At this point, stable contains outdated software, and testing - new updated software. Again, 1-2months, and newer superlib version pushed to devel. It now depends on 'super-zlib' package, which seems to be stable, but not maintained anymore, and not promoted(pushed) to testings/stable. 'super-zlib' is at devel, and cannot be pushed to testing. 'Superlib' stucks at devel now, as well as all new(updated) software which depends on it.

For example(not actually a paticular case, since packages are split into base+extra ssu repo, but it highlights the problem):

QtMobility 1.2 libs for Maemo5
As you can see, package of same version had it way from devel to stable.
Take a close look:
1) Devel - all is ok
2) Testing - all is ok
3) Stable - ops, deps are not met
So, all apps which using qtm-12 stuck as testing.
More apps, more missing deps.
life-cycle damaged, '-testing' become 'stable' and then '-devel' become 'stable'.

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