[Trans] #3Days Making Film: Yoochun made double-eyelid for fun

Double-eyelid Han Taekyung?! Cute ending~

Taekyung is filming for the ending of EP5.
"I thought my eyes would pop out"
"Oh my-"
Taekyung is surprised by the camera that came closer.

Taekyung's cute playfulness makes the atmosphere of the filming set UP-!

Taekyung overheard the staff greeting each other.

Now, Taekyung is starting the next filming.

The staff is holding Taekyung who nearly fell out.
"Thank you-"

After filming, Taekyung is resting on a chair for a short while.
All along the filming, Taekyung's double-eyelid making was captured on the making film!

Everyone, even if you have double-eyelids too, you are looking right now at a cool bodyguard.

Source: http://youtu.be/clHhojFpZpI

Translated by Sheena

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