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16th Apr 2014 from TwitLonger

[Begin ramblings...]

I'm a communicator. That's what musician's do, they share themselves, it feels 'unnatural' if I don't. Sometimes musically, sometimes verbally, sometimes through a song, sometimes through a tweet...

The GNR S. American tour has one show left. I haven't always been the best version of myself, on & off stage, hinges on certain situations that just crush me and I can't get past, and I know it shows... I'm human, a reasonably empathetic one (sometimes a pathetic one, lol.)

But YOU - the friends, fans, audience at the shows, have always been the absolute *best*. Thank you so much for being you, so passionate, so full of spirit :) I want the best for you, you deserve it :) Obrigado & gracias, was so good to see you all :) Some for the first time, some for the XXth time, at the shows & workshops - hopefully we can share these beautiful experiences again soon :)

And a huge thanks to the amazing crew for building the planet the band gets to crawl around the surface of, you guys are magic...! Thanks to the bandmates for givin' it all ya got! :) To the promoters & folks that brought us here and make these shows happen, you're an amazing team and it's been such a pleasure :) Same for the workshops, happy call you all my friends :) 'Til next time... :)

With love & appreciation, and lots of hugs...


[/End ramblings]

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