[Trans] #3Days EP13 Preview

KDJ: How are Agent Lee and Sergeant Yoon?
Man: They are executing the commend to transfer the witness.
LDH: How is the arrest warrant going?
Prosecutor Choi: If we provoke them, they could kill them by disguising it as a suicide.
KDJ: You want to save them, right? Do you wish to know how?
KDJ: Come along with the President, only both of you.
HTK: Are you threatening me to lead the President to his fatal position?
KDJ: You will feel guilty your whole life.
HTK: I will be the one who will kill you.
KDJ: Anyone has weaknesses.

Source: http://gall.dcinside.com/board/view/?id=jyj&no=776121&page=

Translated by Sheena

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