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11th Apr 2014 from TwitLonger

I’m aware I need to clear up some conflicting messages between the reasoning behind my releasing from Epsilon and obviously my subsequent rejoining to TCM. Post-champs I kind of deliberated about taking a step back as I often do as it is hard juggling uni with going to events and trying to perform to the highest level. After about a week I told Epsilon I wished to continue playing but there was obviously lingering doubts especially with regards to preparation for future events (pre-lanning and ambitious future plans that I wasn’t sure I could commit to as I have to fit it around my academic schedule to a degree). There was no doubt that the team was good; our T12 placemenet at champs was kind of a farce given that we 3-0d 3rd placing Optic and were 2-0 up on eventual 2nd place finishers nV (with a freak 1v3 denying our advancement). Anyhow we played the 2k last Sunday and I had a kind of public ‘spat’ of sorts with members of the team which was probably a releasing of the tension from our failure at COD champs. After that I was aware there were some that wanted to look at making a change mainly because of my perceived lack of effort/half-arsed communication and derived from that my lack of desire to win (which I’d dispute). Josh was/is the obvious fix to that as he’ll callout everything he sees 15 times over.

After I knew I was going to get released I had every intention of taking a step back so I spoke to Epsilon and essentially asked that they let me down lightly as obviously I didn’t really want my last competitive action to be of me getting dropped on my head. Don’t get me wrong questions about my availability to certain future opportunities was in question but as I’ve just stated there were other issues as well. There was no intentional lying it was just a platform to allow me to fade into obscurity quietly and with some dignity remaining.

To cut things short as this is quickly becoming a mini dissertation; TCM offered me and I realised if I retired now my last breath (competitive cod wise) would have been the agonising defeat against nV and there’s still stuff I want to potentially achieve. Not to mention the fact these guys are great players and we get on extremely well in and out of game.

But yeh there’s no hard feelings with the Epsilon guys I still consider them good friends. I’d like to thank Tom, Callum, Jordan and the management for the opportunity they gave me. I’m positive they will achieve great things with Joshua on the team. That said I’m looking forward to competing with the guys on TCM. Thank you for reading my book; in stores soon.

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