[Trans] #3Days Making Film: Park Yuchun (Yoochun) turned photographer, his ideal type inside the camera?

Inside Taekyung's picture, there is his ideal type?!

Chayeong lies graciously on the hospital bed.
Taekyung comes close to Chayeong after chatting with Yohan.

"Chayeong!!! Chayeong!!!!!!!!!"
(bright smile)
"This is not the time for this~"

Even when rehearsing!
(slaps face)
But Chayeong won't just stay like this!
(grabs by the collar)

"I don't remember my lines~"
"Get back to sleep~" (T/N casting a spell)

On the side, Bowon is holding the gun and waiting for her turn to shoot.
(Bang, bang)

Now, the real shooting starts~

Taekyung picks up the cellphone under the bed....?
"There's nothing.."
"Can you see it? Under (the bed)?"
"Did you 'follow' me (with the camera)?"
"I thought (the cellphone) would be there~"

Right now, Bowon is filming..

"What's that 'CT phone'?!" (T/N ancient phone)
"Don't you think it's nice?"
"One knocks you down and the beeper/pager (T/N also ancient phone).."
(Ttwa-ak") (T/N broken sound)

"All of my pictures come out weird, right?"
"Give it to me~ Just once!"

Taekyung gets to hold the camera in his hands.
Photographer Taekyung shoots Chayeong.
"To-tal-ly pretty!"
Just how did it come out..?
"Totally my ideal type~"
That's right.. That's Chayeong..

Even afterward, the pictures monopolized Taekyung and Chayeong's attention.

Then, on that day..
The special conversation between Taekyung and the filming director

(In Japanese)
- $^#@^!
-Yes! Thank you~

The words Chayeong said when she heard the conversation of the two
"Did you hear? Did you hear?"
"She said that you really didn't seem to look like yourself/sane~"

Today as well, it was a pleasant filming set of 3Days~

Source: http://youtu.be/KmiaTthqpzY

Translated by Sheena

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