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10th Apr 2014 from TwitLonger

Sorry 4 delay. Finally saw bug a few peeps had been talking about. #Windows #Update bug. #XP

It affects KB2862330. I saw it accidentally because on the last update of VirtualBox it failed to properly install the extension pack for USB 2.0 controllers. As such, I only had USB 1.1 in the virtual machine. While rare, it will affect people on really old computers that have USB 1.1. USB 2.0 came out in the year 2000 ... before XP.

This is not a defect in my list or UDC, but Windows Update failing to recognize that PCs with USB 1.1 don't use some, if not all of those files ... still investigating whether it's all or some or all. The files are in fact correctly integrated by nLite and in the XP installation, but they're in the Windows\Driver Cache\i386\SP3.cab like they should if you only have USB 1.1.

They are still contained in the SP3.cab on USB 2.0 systems, but they are also extracted to other locations during the detecting components period of setup.

I'll come up with an optional solution for users of ancient PCs now so give me a bit of time.

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