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8th Apr 2014 from TwitLonger

Hate mail someone named David Werking just sent me: "Dear Ephoria,
I have a hard time believing you have as many people as you do trying to win sex toys only to have several of the same people win all the sex toys. I don't appreciate you never show your real face. Your feminist views are weird and wacky to me, and if I believed them, would certainly depreciate my feelings about the entire human race. I have no idea how much fun your "guy"(maybe?) must be having sliding around in a black hole, or having a woman who can't get herself off without toys. Your idea of humorous snark is alien to me. I was mainly only using your site to find out what was out there, and now that I know what's out there, I don't really want it. The wife won't use it. I don't have any friends I'd care to give away a $3000 investment into. I think you hate sex. Tristan Taormino is stupid for promoting condom laws and you love her."

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