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8th Apr 2014 from TwitLonger

3 things I saw on WM weekend I wish Mexico would copy:

1) PROMOTIONS: Younger guys being put over by top guys. But REALLY being put over. Old guy losing clean, not stealing the show & all the focus being on put on the new guy taking over. Take note of this AAA and indies that keep booking Park/Wagner/Canek.

2) WRESTLERS: Canadian Destroyer, Spanish Fly, backcracker variations... all but non-existent on a weekend of shows full of shows featuring the top US indy talent & the WWE guys working the biggest show of the year. Maybe it's time wrestlers in Mexico stop using only the big moves we saw in ROH/IWA-MS/CZW in 2004? I'm not saying Mexican wrestlers aren't creative because they are the most creative in the world - it's just a majority seem to think those 3 moves need to be included in EVERY match on EVERY show which is silly. I blame Crazy Boy & Joe Lider for passing on their 2004 CZW DVD's to all the new trainees.

3) FANS: The main event of the WrestleCon show saw the crowd completely shit on the CZW hardcore match with DJ Hyde/Masada. Is it about time Mexican fans wise up & start realizing this style is stupid & redundant? It's not 2004 any more. You've seen everything you can see when it comes to this type of match. Once in a while is fine as a special attraction but is this really neccessary on shows every weekend & multiple times per show?

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