[Trans] #3Days Making Film: "Park Yuchun, there is a scent of lavender in your action scenes"

Busy, busy~ Gun shooting and watching the live broadcast!

On the filming set of Taekyung's gun action scenes that stood out!
As much as it's a dangerous scene, a meticulous rehearsal is a must!
Among the nervousness, the shooting starts!
"It came out well~"

Today as well, Taekyung smiles endlessly~

Since there was something to continuously care to Taekyung who is busy shooting with his gun..

"Has the fighting scene started?"
"For now, it's Taekyung's child actor.."

Halfway, even when Taekyung is seeing the moves with the martial arts director..

"Has it started?"
What Taekyung is waiting for, unable to take it out of his mind..
is none other than 3Days Episode 5 live broadcast!

"I wanna see this action scene but.."
"I thought you said you found me *cool*" "I have something put (in my ear) so I couldn't hear well.." I nearly felt moved for nothing.."

(Do you wish to feel moved?)
There is a scent of lavender in Taekyung's action scenes..

Because of the unstable reception of the DMB, Taekyung starts to get anxious..

Taekyung didn't see much and even moved place.

However, he still couldn't see much and had to go back filming!

The adamant Taekyung tries again to catch the live broadcast but..

Taekyung keeps an eye on the set even during the live broadcast.

The reason Taekyung wants to monitor his action scenes acting

"Up until that part?"
Checking the moves with the martial arts director
Self simulation is fundamental!

Isn't it because of the affection Taekyung has for this kind of action scenes acting?

Please look forward to Taekyung's action scenes that have a scent of lavender~

Source: http://youtu.be/vPuZ8ss1bKU

Translated by Sheena

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