[Trans] #3Days Making Film: Taekyung's breath advisory?! Flowing out with laughter~

On the filming set full of laughter from the ending scene of Episode 9!
Meeting with Taekyung's heart-fluttering blowing cheeks~!
Glasses man and Tattoo man caught Taekyung so many times.
As soon as there's the cut sign, Taekyung expresses his thankfulness(?)

"He's reading the script."
That's right.. Taekyung is *stylishly* reading the script~
Taekyung is chatting with Glasses man and Tattoo man.
Is it OK to give Tattoo man those gazes..?

Chayoung is reacting out of the camera.
The reason Chayoung laughed?
"(PD-nim) keeps walking back and forth~"
PD Shin Kyungsu is overflowing with passion.

From out of the blue, 3Days Today's weather!

"I feel like it's going to get hotter soon now~"
"The daylight temperature is already raising up to 22 degrees.."

Taekyung feels hot right now (T/N because of the weather)
"Ah.. it feels so hot.."
Taekyung is fiddling with the lighting equipment.

Dojin is waiting for his turn to shoot.
Dojin is laughing.

Here and there, the filming set is flowing out with laughter~

Taekyung's remaining filming!


What did just happen...?
"Can see me?"
Second breath attack..
"Yoo yoo Hee"

"Breath advisory"
Please watch out Taekyung's breath since it can make your heart strain!

Source: http://t.co/CrBQGEkVzU

Translated by Sheena

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