[TRANS/FANACCOUNT] A Korean JYJ fan hits the jackpot meeting Yuchun at the filming set of #3Days

I am a fan sponsor... and when I came to collect the sponsored goods, I met Yuchun... He's so nice... I even shook hands with him...

First, Yuchun was filming when I arrived. In between filming, he was laughing and joking a lot... I even felt like he really needed to be put a gag in his mouth... He was so good-looking and his face was as small as a fist… He was kind of wearing a China collar jacket and a black knitted T-shirt. When I said « Hello, I am a fan.» he also said « Ah, hello. » When I asked him if I could shake hands with him, he replied « Sure, sure. » and shook my hand. His hand was really big and warm and he tightly grabbed mine T_T I was wondering when I should let go of his hand and to the
thought my hand might get sweaty, I let go of our hands first T_T When I asked him if he could give me his autograph, he replied too « Sure, sure. » so I told him I was going to the car and ran like mad then came back with my In Heaven album T_T I sticked the post-it to the Yuchun part and opened it to him so he lifted the post-it and said "What's this?" and I replied "Ah, what I marked" So he signed but like he was shaking, he looked around for a support but just signed holding it with the palm of his hands and his jaw. Then, his staff codies came and they were all like "Look who's here? You're so good-looking. I can't recognize you. When did you shoot this?" and when someone a little bit older said the same "When did you shoot this?", Yuchun replied "Ah, I don't know. You don't need to know~" and he gave me back my pen uncapped. T_T

A guy staff suggested him to take a picture with me so he replied « Sure, sure. Where shall we go take the picture ? Shall we hang on the staircase? Shall we go up the ladder ? Looks good to me… » and we went to the bright side T_T

While snooping around the filming set, I was wondering what kind of set it was. When we were finally posing to take the picture, he suddenly put his hand on my shoulder and I felt that he pulled me closer T_T
When I flinched because of that, he told me to look at the front T_T
When I kept murmuring how he looked so good-looking, Yuchun kept smiling at me T_T

The thing I felt he was so friendly with me is that while I was receiving my autograph, shaking hands and taking a picture with him, he continued to lock eyes with me… He didn’t have any
particular smell… His hand was really big, cozy, warm and manly…
He was just a Taekyungie who was endlessly joking and laughing with the staff T_T

There was a time when he was filming, he had such a serious expression and was so into his feelings but after the "cut!, he raised his eyebrows and said "End of filming~?" He was like that T_T Ah, there was also a scene where Yuchun and Bowon were at the opposite side of the camera. There was a wall between so the camera couldn't catch them on the screen and they could only hear the voice of the director. Once, Yuchun didn't catch what he said so he was like "Sorry???" and he opened round his eyes. T_T

The lock screen of my phone is the first picture attached so the guy staff said "Hey, you must feel so good, even the background picture is you." So Yuchun shyly replied "Ah no, no~" T_T

Source: DC JYJ http://gall.dcinside.com/list.php?id=jyj&no=769293

Translated by Sheena

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