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During the glory years of single party governance 2003-2007, over 50% of the wealth created in this country went to the top marginal tax bracket (a rate NOBODY pays, but I digress).

During this same period, over 50% of the tax breaks went to the same demographic.

If you think that's sustainable, you're not very bright. If you think those tax cuts should be enacted in war time, it doesn't make you a conservative; it makes you a moron.

If you support the invasion of a country and occupation of a country that hasn't attacked us, and the execution of their head of state on TV, in a naked act of mineral resource procurement, it doesn't make you a patriot; it makes you a sociopath.

If you support the torture of POW's, it doesn't make you prudent; it makes you a coward.

If you support a president's privatization of vital functions of the military, so his friends and financial backers can commit massive fraud against the American taxpayer, while further endangering our military combatants, it doesn't make you an enterprising individual; it makes you a traitor!

If you support(ed) all of the aforementioned policies and initiatives... YOU ARE THE PROBLEM! YOU ARE THE ESTABLISHMENT! YOU ARE THE STATUS QUO! YOU ARE THE REASON THERE'S AN OCCUPY MOVEMENT!!!

Seriously, we are not looking to be "liberated" by the corporatists, or their teaparty handmaidens... Thanks tho'...

Now go watch TV...

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