The day could not get any worse. The week could not possibly get any worse. The month, year, even DECADE could not--by any stretch of the imagination--get any worse than it was that morning.

Lu Han watched from behind a pillar as Minseok opened his locker, took stock of the tulips stuffed inside, and slammed the door shut. Metallic shudders could be heard down the line of lockers.

When Chanyeol's locker showed the same floral fate, the boy didn't even blink, frowning at the flowers, as if it was they that offended and hurt him, and left them presumably for Chanyeol to sneeze and sniffle over. After all, why should he be the only one to suffer?

And Minseok wasn't the only one to ignore Lu Han.

After Kyungsoo took a dive off the stage, the entire school was silent before him but alive in whispers at his back. It was maddening.

He tried talking to Minseok during class, but Chanyeol had taken on the role of talking parrot.

"C'mon, Minseok, you can't ignore me forever."

"No, but he can until graduation, then 'Bye bye plastic bitch!'"

"Chanyeol. . ."

The puppy-turned-parrot-boy frowned at Lu Han for a few more seconds for good measure, then turned around in his seat.

Lu Han closed his arms on the desktop, and stared at the back of Minseok's head, neck, and back, simply taking in the little details and willing the boy to acknowledge him somehow.

He didn't, though. He left for lunch immediately after class ended with his personal guard dog back on duty, walking obediently and faithfully at his heel.

Lu Han couldn't recall a single thing from class except the stony expression on Minseok's face that he caught a mere glimpse of. The weight of it settled in his gut and stayed there well after school let out.

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