In the first month of my departure from IM5 I've heard some crazy stories as to why I left the group. I realize an "official statement" was never released from IM5, so I feel the need to clear a few things up.

The vast majority of my 3 1/2 years with the guys were amazing. We had good times, bad times, great times, and horrible times but always stuck together like brothers. Leaving them was one of the two hardest decisions I've ever had to make (the other was leaving my family, friends, and band mates in Texas when I was 14).

So, now you're probably asking "Then why'd you leave?"

To give a little history, I was diagnosed with Bi-Polar disorder when I was 9 years old. Luckily, I have incredible doctors and have been treated well for my disorder for years. Unfortunately, Last February, I had some problems dealing with my B-P and ended up being hospitalized in Dallas for awhile. During this time period the boys continued on with out me for a couple months while I recovered. (You'll notice I'm not in any videos or pics with the guys from Feb through May in 2013)

It's important to know that I don't tell you this for attention or sympathy. It's a part of who I am and I'm not ashamed or embarrassed of it.

Those few months were some pretty dark times. My medication was changed and I experienced some fairly serious side effects. The Abilify, for instance, made me extremely tired no matter how much I slept at night and made me gain an extra 25 pounds I wasn't expecting. Honestly, I was just in a funk and couldn't seem to get out of it.

During that period in my life, the boys were extremely supportive and I'll always be grateful to them for helping me through that rough patch. However, I began to realize things were going to have to change if I wanted to truly get healthy.

I struggled for close to 9 months, wondering what the best answer was for me and my future, all the while communicating with management that I was considering moving on from IM5. The guys were made aware of my thoughts towards the end of last year. Again, both management and the guys were very supportive and their main concern was for my health and overall happiness.

As hard as this decision was for me, I know it was hard on the guys as well. There were days I thought I could keep going and days I didn't want to get out of bed. So, I did what I've always done to help me get through tough times and started writing.

Finally, in the process of writing dozens of songs, I realized the music was taking me in a different direction. I also realized it wouldn't be fair to the 5ers, the IM5 team and most importantly myself if I continued on with IM5.

Now... I'm excited for IM5 and their future. As a founding member of the group, I will always be there to support them. I also hope you welcome the newest member and show him the same love and respect you've shown to me for the past 3 years. Although I may not know him, I will consider him family as well and can't wait to see what the future holds for them.

As for me, I've never been happier and I'm excited about the future. I've decided to record many of the songs I've written over the past few years. The album will tell a story. (I'll leave it to the listeners to decide what the story line is about) I've reunited with my childhood friend and former band mate Hunter Lucas and we've reassembled our old band, Fly Away Hero. The album will be released late summer/early fall. In the mean time, we'll being playing a bunch live shows and releasing a few new singles. So stay tuned.

I do hope this puts an end to all the rumors.

To the guys and the IM5 team,
I love you guys. If I've hurt you in anyway, I sincerely and publicly apologize.

To the 5ers,
Thank you for all your support over the years. You're incredible and I'll always love you and never forget you.

To the nobodies,
There aren't words that can describe my feelings for y'all. You guys are my heart and my soul. You're the reason I get out of bed and face the world everyday. You're my friends and my love for you is infinite.

Dalton Rapattoni

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