[TRANS 140329/140330 Tiffany UFO #9-14]

Fan: Unnie i want to catch a movie.. please recommend me some interesting movies! Are there any movies you will like to watch lately? I watched Captain America and it was interesting!
Fany: Omg is it showing already?! I want to watch too! + Divergent, Spiderman 2 anticipating ❤


Fan:Cocktail fanatic Fany sshi~ Fany what is the cocktail that you like most~?? What is your alcoho limit how many cups can you drink~?鸡尾酒狂热者帕尼小姐~帕尼最喜欢的鸡尾酒是什么呢~??酒量是能喝几杯呢~?+_+
Fany: Strawberry cosmopolitan


Fan: Aigoo Aigoo *Rince is so cute!! Fany's hand or Rince's hand which one is prettier~
Fany: Me? I am confident when it come to hands.. ㅋ And also Rince has pretty legs (:


Fan: Fany ahh~ Why are you doing and not sleeping?
Fany: Im listening to music Leona Lewis-Here I am/ Next song is Craig David-My love don't stop


Fan: Heard that recently Pig-rince shed quite a lot of fats away. Did you let Rince exercise lately??
Fany: Said before he is not a pig --!! Everyone...tsk tsk


Fan:Unnie what is the beverage that you drink often lately~?
Fany: The strawberry mojito that i drank yesterday it tastes not bad! (:


Cr: Chinese trans by MrMr_饱猫007

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