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29th Mar 2014 from TwitLonger

Prod Weekly Update: “HOLD ON TO ME" (aka “Nancy & Danny”) Feature Film INDIAN PAINTBRUSH
STATUS: September 2014
PRODUCER: Steven Rales - Mark Roybal - Michael Pruss - Alexandra Milchan - Todd Field DIRECTOR: James Marsh WRITER: Brad Ingelsby
CAST: Carey Mulligan - Robert Pattinson
Based on the true story of a femme fatale who goes on a crime spree after she is rejected by her former boyfriend. Mulligan plays a small town girl who dumps her boyfriend in pursuit of a modeling career in New York. When she returns with her tail between her legs and gets rejected by her ex, now a wealthy criminal living in Chicago, she enlists the help of a naive man and embarks on a life of crime. Pattinson plays the flashy supporting role of the woman’s life love, Jimmy, who isn’t involved in the crime.

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