Okay so, I just feel like things needed to be said.

I just wanna say how much I love all of my Team Grimmie fans. FRANDS, rather. Some of you have been here from my first video on YouTube; some of you since my bigger videos, and some of you are brand new to Team Grimmie and yu are watching me on the Voice this season. No matter how long you've been with me, let me just say this. I was gonna tweet something adorable to u guys about how much I love you all but, that's just not even nearly enough. So I wanted to write a giant book instead hahaha. Honestly...My frands have changed my life. You make me stronger every day. You don't have any idea how many times I'll just read a simple tweet or a simple message and I will just well up with tears. Not. Kidding. WORDS don't do you guys justice, they just don't. And they can never do justice. I can't explain how you guys make me feel. I feel like a mother to you THAT SOUNDS WEIRD bc ur kinda like my best friends too in a way. YU R MY WEE LITTLE CHILDREN. AND I LOVE YU. And I want to make yu proud and have you know how much I care about you and appreciate you and your support. You guys will NEVER, and I mean NEVERRR understand how yu make me feel. You keep me grounded. All of yu. Although yu lift me up and look up to me you have no idea how grounded that actually keeps me. I want to be a role model to each of you, and it know that God has given me each of you for some reason...I feel like the luckiest person alive to have fans as loyal as you. And as loving and as supportive. All of yu who draw pictures for me, write things to me, listen to my music WHATEVER YU DO.....it is BEYOND appreciated and gosh appreciated isn't even the right word. I'm just so blessed. Sooo unbelievably blessed to have fans like yu FRANDS I KNOW SORRYYYY. But anyway, yu guys have been on my heart like crazy and I just wanted to write this to you all.
I may change up my fashion at times, my hair, my music and whatever, but listen to me. I will never change how I feel about you guys and I will never turn into a cocky jerk who loves to hear herself talk and accomplish things bc of ego. Everything I do and accomplish will be because of The Lord Jesus Christ and bc of my amazing loyal Team Grimmie and I will forever be grateful. Never forget this. I love you guys more than life. And now I am crying. WHAT IS LIFE OMGSHH. I love u. BEEYYYYEEE<33333

Love ur best friend and apparently yur mother,

\|/ Team Grimmie RAWWKS.

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