@therealfredo A very good show crowd so into the show maybe that motivate everybody, Show began with fuego's coreography with Edecanes & then he join them, first match "TRV" won a good match they catch all 3 dives from tecnicos at the end and won with guerrero submision, the secon was just 2 falls Volador & Sombra fight each other & challenged as always good match people loves Volador jr., Incredible Pairs Tournament Final was maybe the less good match of the night but was good another two falls match, Maximo & Escorpion din't end well Atlantis won again this time with Euforia he defeat Escorpion for the win, Marcela vs. Dallys was good too even with Dallys involved people was like 60% Marcela 40% dallys, Dallys sells very well the way she cuts her hair, Homenaje a Cien Caras puts the people on fire cheering him & his brothers they threw dynamite cartridges on fire to the audience, Cien Caras introced his sons "Those are my sons support them as you did it with me" (as Canek did it years ago) so odd to see the 2 Hombres de Negro together Pánico (CMLL) & Mascára Año 2000 (AAA). Semi main was another Estetas god match Mascara Dorada is incredible jumping above the ring to make a scissors out of the ring Niebla Roja feud with Mistico & Gran Guerrero with Mascara Dorada Guerreros won & get their title challenge, people sometimes booed Mistico sometimes loved him, Main event got the people so heated was like 95% with Shocker & 5% with Rush, i thought Shocker could win he got the match on his side many times, Shocker bleed on his cheekbone Rush won people booed him & throw him beer once,people cheered Shocker who get down of the ring and gave his hair to the fans all around the ring, altough people didn't like the fact of Rush winning they didn't have bad behaivor as 79 anniversary when Rush defeat Terrible instead the support Shocker. That's some i can tell you about the show.

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