It is always problematic to distort the truth. ALWAYS. It was not a woman who tortured and murdered this little child left in her care. Women of course do commit deplorable acts but not even close to the rate men do. If we intend to rid our society of murder and torture we must understand who commits these crimes and why. A woman typically commits murder for very different reasons than men and transgenders. This matters. To solve social problems we must understand their origin and cause. Saying a woman did this, distorts both. It is beyond dangerous if we are to begin tracking crimes committed by males as crimes committed by females and vice versa. If you don't give a shit about ridding society of this type of behavior or about protecting the innocent for this type of behavior then by all means, do carry on and continue to distort the truth in order to cater to a infinitesimally small part of the population. When tracking let's say deadly virus outbreaks, you don't decide to call a few cases of SARS "yellow fever" when you know the virus is SARS.

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