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20th Mar 2014 from TwitLonger

News of the day, in verse:

US Iran Nowruz wishes
bring hope nuclear deal flourishes

6 month JPOA
IAEA verified today
is being implemented ok

Yaalon called Hagel to say
that calling US 'weak' the other day
was not meant to offend in any way

Hagel said his concern was deep
vowed US commitments we will keep
but Kerry said he'd lost patience
with Yaalon dissing the administration

Kerry calls Lavrov every day
seems they have a lot to say
and revealing in a way
that Putin Lavrov unable to sway

It's the KGB that's got Putin's ear
Lavrov tells Kerry I fear
the oligarchs foreign bank accounts
best place to show costs that counts

White House eyes on the prize:
an Iran nuclear compromise.
Putin Crimea annexation
doesn't dampen determination.

Ford doesn't think southern offensive
will in Syria be decisive
(He’s told by people in the FSA
to the south Hezbollah making its way.)

by @lrozen

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