Halloween presented another for Lu Han, a plastic-in-training. He politely declined the shopping invitation by Baekhyun, giving the excuse of needing his parents' permission to go to a party, otherwise he'd be grounded and his life made a living hell.

They bought it, but that weekend found Lu Han at a costume shop with Minseok and Chanyeol in tow.

"Do you have any ideas?" Minseok asked as he browsed plastic weapons.

"Not in the slightest. . ." Lu Han and flipped through hanging costumes. "I've never been to a costume party."

"Well," Chanyeol reappeared from the aisle of fake body parts. "let us give you a hand." He presented Lu Han with a dismembered hand, rubber wrist red with moulded latex blood.

Lu Han snorted but accepted the hand with a polite bow Chanyeol mirrored. "Hey, are you guys coming, too?"

"Of course."

"We're never invited, but we always show up at Kyungsoo's parties. His dad loves me."

"I think you love him more than he loves you."

Chanyeol shrugged. His eyes brightened, looking over Minseok's head, and he made a beeline for the back of the store. He snatched a bag hanging on the wall and spun to face his friends. "Minseok."






"C'mon! We can get you little ears and a tail. . ."


Chanyeol dodged Minseok's attempt to snatch the latex outfit away from him and danced to Lu Han. "Lu Han! Lu Han. You agree with me, right?"

"Say a word, and I WILL hurt you." Minseok glared at him.

"It needs hooker boots, though," Channyeol added.

Lu Han nodded sagely, pressed against Chanyeol's side as if hoping he would protect him, merely shrugging when Minseok glared. In all honesty, Minseok had a very cute face. The large, slanted eyes were decidedly cat-like, and he had an overall impish appearance, just like a mischievous cat.

A mischievous, grumpy cat. "Fuck you both."

"Anytime," Chanyeol replied brightly.

Minseok elbowed him in the gut and grabbed the costume while the boy was wheezing. "You really are too gay to function. Why are you allowed out in society?" He replaced the bag on the wall.

Lu Han meandered a few feet away and pulled another bagged costume off the wall. "You've gotta be kidding me," he whispered incredulously. "Hey guys! I found a good one for me!" He held up the package so the front image showed.

A leggy brunette cast a smouldering look over the shoulder of her red cropped jersey. Matching shorts--barely long enough to cover cheek--and red knee-high socks with black heels completed the look.

"Really, Lu Han?"

"Heyyyy. . ." Chanyeol obviously approved. He frowned at the photo critically. "You'll need different shoes, though. Those make no sense."

Lu Han looked at the costume and then Minseok, head tilted curiously. "What, Minseok; I don't have the legs for it?"

Minseok opened his mouth to reply, but Chanyeol's voice came out. "He didn't say that."

Minseok swatted his arm.

"Pretty sure he has the highest opinion of your legs." Chanyeol laughed and dodged Minseok's fists, dashing down another aisle and putting clothes racks in-between them to slow the assault.

"Stop projecting your gay fantasies, you hypersexual homo!"

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