Dmitry Rogozin · @DRogozin

18th Mar 2014 from TwitLonger

Yesterday's statements on TV French Minister of Foreign Affairs Fabius @LaurentFabius made on Russian-French military-technical cooperation are surprising. In such a sensitive sphere as mil-tech cooperation France starts to undermine its credibility as a reliable supplier. All these political waves around the referendum in Crimea will pass soon, and our countries are going to continue working together. Perhaps, our colleague isn't aware of the number of jobs created in France thanks to our partnership. I ask our European colleagues not to exacerbate the situation. http://videos.tf1.fr/jt-20h/2014/fabius-sur-tf1-la-crise-en-crimee-est-la-plus-serieuse-depuis-la-8384527.html

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