"So," Minseok drawled conversationally as he settled on the linoleum beside Chanyeol. "Yixing, huh?"


"Down, boy. I'm talking, here. Your boy's off at practice."

"He's not 'my boy,'" Chanyeol mumbled, slouching against the wall again. There was a bit of a flush to his cheeks that hadn't been there before.

"Chanyeol. You let him play your guitar. Twice."

Chanyeol plucked said guitar absently, feigning tuning it.

"I've touched your dick more than I touched your guitar."

"That was one time!"

"Exactly! And Yixing's more than touched your guitar AT LEAST twice." Minseok lowered his voice, tone accusing. "I've seen you sneaking around with him, you horny tom cat."

Chanyeol's ears burned red. He chose to pretend to not have heard Minseok, although judging by the twitching of his lips as he tried to fight off his smile and the light flick of his fingers across the guitar strings, he heard and whole-heartedly affirmed his friend's observations.

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