Even over the chattering of the crowded lunch room, the baleful laughter of the plastics--sans Yixing, who was picking out noodles from his alphabet macaroni and cheese and trying to spell his name--still carried over to where Minseok sat.

Chanyeol was over by the "fake plastics," the awkward trio of athletes who looked like they could be in a gang but were actually sweethearts, Chanyeol assured. They just had the misfortune of perpetual bitchface. Their hot bods totally made up for it, Chanyeol insisted.

While Minseok kept a watchful eye on his friend, he couldn't help but get an earful of Baekhyun's running commentary to Lu Han:

"He's always after SOMEONE. Always. As long as it has a dick and breathes, Chanyeol is after it."

Minseok shredded his sandwich in silence, however, used to the gossip and more than willing to let it roll off his shoulders.

Lu Han didn't have much to say, letting his new friends twitter and tittle-tattle while he pretended to look interested and involved.

Between Yixing and Jongdae, Kyungsoo stage-whispered "I heard he even hit on Mr Choi."

"The PE teacher?" Baekhyun gaped at him, kohled eyes wide.

Kyungsoo nodded slowly, Oh my God, right? heavily implied.

"He is hot, though," Jongdae commented.

"But PE? Seriously, Jongdae."

Jongdae shrugged and slurped his smoothie noisily.

Yixing couldn't find a X in his pasta. Y I I N G sat on his napkin.

Baekhyun snorted and flipped his hair across his forehead. "I think it's safe to say Park Chanyeol is just too gay to function."

Minseok slammed the remains of his sandwich onto the table.

That flibbergibbit went too far.

Fist clenched around bits of wheat bread and lettuce, Minseok stalked to the plastics' table. "Only I get to call him that, you slut-faced cock vulture."

Baekhyun had the bad luck to turn right into Minseok's fist.

Minseok had the satisfaction of punching Baekhyun right on the schnoz.

Even being plastic didn't save Baekhyun's nose from being broken.

The lunch room went silent. Before Minseok could grab Baekhyun, who was sobbing "He hit me! He actually hit me! I'm bleeding!" in Lu Han's arms, Chanyeol grabbed Minseok and carried him out of the lunch room before teachers could move in.

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