Lu Han was in crisis. Fashion crisis, even, which he never thought he would be in.

"You GUYS!" he whined, staring in dismay at his closet. Hooded sweatshirts, jeans, sweatpants, and his soccer uniforms mocked him silently. "I can't do this. They wear HOT PANTS on Thursdays. Hot pants!" He shut his closet and leaned against the door. "I don't have hot pants!"

Chanyeol raised his hand and spoke around his food. "I do."

"He does," Minseok affirmed.

"Of course he does. . ."

"What? They make my legs look great."

"They do," Minseok added with a sagely nod.

Lu Han couldn't imagine it. Didn't want to imagine it. Didn't even want to imagine himself in anything so tight, but if he was going to infiltrate the plastics, sacrifices had to be made.

"Could I borrow them?"

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