IIT KGP alumni now working in Gujarat writes to Kejriwal...

Mr. Kejriwal,

I am a former student of IIT KHARAGPUR from where you have graduated & was actively involved in Janlokpal andolan 2 years back. I WAS your supporter/fan till last week before your Gujarat visit.

Since last year I am serving in Govt. of Gujarat. After listening to your speech today in Bangalore, I feel some points I must share for those who haven't visited Gujarat state yet.

1. I haven't paid a single penny for class II job in Govt of Gujarat.

2. I get paid on 1st day of every month.

3. I am posted in rural and tribal area where there are no power cuts. Believe me NEVER.

4. I have traveled almost all the states of the country and have never found roads as good as those in Gujarat anywhere else.

5. You said ‘no development in Gujarat’. Then Mr. Kejriwal, how were you tweeting from the rural areas of Gujarat during your visit ?
I always experienced better wi-fi speeds in rural area (Waghai) of Gujarat than in Pune city.

When you had your chance you ran away, now you are criticizing others. Mr. Kejriwal, I, being Aam Aadmi, your former supporter and student of IIT Kharagpur honestly feel that you should ‘first prove yourself & then talk about others’.

Prof. Vipul Shinde
Assistant Professor
Navsari Agricultural University, Guajarat.

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