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15th Mar 2014 from TwitLonger

140315 Show Champion Backstage :: "When God made ______" by Bangtan

"When God made Suga" (by J-Hope)
J-Hope: Ah, amazing rapping, composing, and producing is truly Suga! And of course, I can't leave out Suga's sweetness! I also have to put in a bit of cuteness and aegyo to create a reverse (unexpected/quirky) charm, right~? Good good, put it all in! Hm, but what's this? Ah...laziness. Ahhh! It's because Suga hyung looks really tired these days...

"When God made V" (by Suga)
Suga: Let's put in multiple hair colors, and a bit of handsomeness. But ahhhh! Gluttony! (pointing at V) He eats the most. He's the one that eats the most in our team along with Rap Monster.

"When God made J-Hope" (by Jin)
Jin: Let's see, let's put in some cleanliness and make his face sl~ightly long!
J-Hope: I knew he'd put this in! You can't leave this kinda thing out.
Jin: I want him to be full of hope so I'm going to add some naughtiness....ahhhhh!

"When God made Namjoonie" (by Jimin)
Rap Monster: Am I your friend? Why am I Namjoonie?!"
Jimin: Okay, let's put in some height for this kid. And being a male means being strong, so bam! I'll put in some power of destruction! And a person should be good at talking, so an active mouth~ and finally, he should be handsome! Ahhhh! I spilled it! I'm going to have to put sunglasses on him.
J-Hope: Wait, what are you saying? Are you saying that Namjoonie is ugly?
V: Are you dissing Rap Monster?
Suga: You're so bad, so bad! This is my first time in my whole life seeing such a bad kid!
Jimin: No no no, I didn't mean it in that way!
Rap Monster: You! You watch your hyungs and learn! Watch me promote my dongsaengs.

"When God made Jeongguk" (by Rap Monster)
Rap Monster: He has to be good at dancing, so a bit of dancing skills~ and since he's a singer, I'll add in a bit of voice~ and we can't forget good looks! Huh? I've put everything in! But to make things equal with the other members...ahhhh! I put all of it in!
Jimin: Aren't you being too nice right now?!
Rap Monster: FACE BAM! SUNGLASSES BAM! (pretending to be upset about what Jimin said before)

"When God made Jiminnie hyung" (by Jeongguk)
Jeongguk: Alright, one spoonful of spoonful of abs...and being a male means that you have [good] thighs so...ahhh!
J-Hope: His thighs are too big!
Jeongguk: You can't put on your pants [because of your thighs]!

"When God made Jin" (by V)
V: Okay, his shoulders are too wide! Let's start with 50 cups of shoulders! 48 cups of mustaches! And confidence in his face...58425628492292 cups! YOU'RE TOO CONFIDENT IN YOUR LOOKS!
J-Hope: He's overflowing with confidence!

** The "ahhh" parts at the end are when the God character puts in too much of that particular characteristic. I don't really know how else to explain, I'm sorry ㅠㅠ look up "When God made meme" on Google if you still don't understand!

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