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10th Mar 2014 from TwitLonger

Page removed from CNN, with photo and note from alleged contact of 2 Iranian nationals on #MH370, Pouria and Reza.

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kuala lumpur, Malaysia

By mamadDC | Posted 12 hours ago | kuala lumpur, Malaysia

hi sir/miss
i have some information about the 2people who was in MH370 with stolen passport.
i got the information from one of the passenger mother.
and i have they picture and they real information.
on of them was my high school friend.
and i already give the information to the malaysian airline. and im on contact with his mother and i can get more information.
i thought maybe my information can help to the world.
and i put the last picture of them.
2nd on the left is pouria with Austrian passport and 1st on the right is reza with italy passport.
tank you

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