I am hopeful to have majority Council support on this motion.

We OPPOSE the decision of the City Manager to choose coal/brown energy over 100% renewable-backed energy sources, ending 2 years of national leadership on promoting renewable energy by the City of Cincinnati.

We MOVE that the Administration reconsider this decision based on the criteria and precedent established by current and previous Council’s of the City of Cincinnati including information adopted in the 2008 Green Cincinnati Plan, the 2013 update to the Green Cincinnati Plan, Council motion dated January 23, 3011, and Council Motion dated February 12, 2014 which call for the reduction of greenhouse gasses.

We FURTHER MOVE that the Administration immediately address how the elimination of the Green Electricity Aggregation will affect the City’s successful 8% reduction in Greenhouse gasses over the last 4 years. According to the 2013 Green Cincinnati Plan update, the Green Electricity Aggregation program comprised of 90% of the City’s greenhouse gas reduction.


The City Manager’s decision today will add more than 600,000 tons per year of CO2 to the atmosphere according to the City’s own Green Cincinnati Plan (2013). The EPA estimates that the ‘Social Cost of Carbon’, including adverse health effects on residents including increased asthma and other respiratory illnesses, costs our economy up to $68 per ton of carbon. The Green Cincinnati Plan stated that the Green Electricity Aggregation reduced our greenhouse gas emissions by over 600,000 tons per year. The City Manager should consider the potential of millions of dollars in negative health effects when evaluating the $0.46 a month savings per homeowner (vs. the proposal that has been accepted).

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