Aoi:First of all, thank you so much for the many congratulations we received today. We were such a small band and now we are being supported by so many people and without even realizing it we have spent 12 years together. Today when I thought of that I got somehow embarrassed, yet overflown with gratitude.

Aoi:Thank you so, so much. When we looked back at the old song we would be playing at the three tours we announced, there were songs that we couldn't remember all the smallest melodies to, but since each one of the songs holds important memories to us, the days (relearning the songs) have been fun. I think we might have gotten weirdly nervous because we wanted to make sure we delivered them perfectly.

Aoi:Mistakes were made in the first live of the tour but somehow they just brought smiles. I think that being in such a good mood was thanks to all of you who were there and all the feelings reaching us from all around that world. We are just a group of old men who end up breaking into smiles way too often but please keep treating us well from now on too! ☻

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