Advice to other broadcasters on Giveaways on TwitchTV, regarding the 'New' ToS changes as well as the recent happenings on TwitchTV:

I have only just now found out about these 'changes' to the Terms of Service on Twitch regarding promotional activities, and requiring monetary entry to be eligible for them.

I'm really not good at legal stuff at all, but from what I've gathered this is what this means for us broadcasters:

- We can no longer do subscriber, donator, or (insert monetary benefit) giveaways.
- If we choose to do any kind of giveaway, it must be free to all people in chat, the winner and contestants must be 18+ and be a resident of the United States of America
- If a giveaway is done, the winner must be shown on screen, verified of everything in the above, as well as all contestants entered must be shown so people can verify that they were entered (?)

This is just my interpretation of the current update to the Terms of Service. It appears the last update to the Terms of Service was midsummer last year, but this is the first thing I've heard about this.

As a result, I will no longer be doing giveaways of any kind on my broadcast, including subscriber and following giveaways of games, computer equipment, game codes & gift codes. I strongly suggest that other broadcasters read the Terms of Service and brush up on them in case there are any other things to look for.

If anyone is familiar with things like this and can comment / clear shit up, feel free to and spread the word. Perhaps I have this all wrong, like I said, this is just my interpretation of it.

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