Fan concern/suggestion:
"i think GDD team has a bit of problem with management..They should hire some of the applicant and manage the job distribution..someone who can sub from korea to english should focus on that, and while others admin can manage the update for the it doesn’t have to be the same person who update and subbing..i thought the fan is getting bigger so we could get more subbed video, but it seems the same..very limited video with sub are available and most of the link are dead.."


We always thank you for your concerns and suggestions, and this is a matter we felt deserved a better response from us. This message doesn’t discuss every aspect but it touches on a few issues mentioned.

First of all, as a site we realize we are not as updated as we used to be. Our love and dedication for Girl’s Day or to DAI5Y has not diminished but our personal lives have become busier.

GDD has not been able to keep up with the demand of how busy Girl's Day has become with the 1000s of updates. No doubt you have noticed this. We realize this and we want to do better for our fellow DAI5Y. What can we do but do our best? Perhaps some feel our best is not enough, well we are sorry…? What else can we say? The team is mostly on hiatus at this time; we appreciate all work they do when they have the time for it and understand when they do not have the time. We must be responsible when it comes to our personal lives and then we are in a better situation to benefit other fans by working on the site.

Fans who are either busy in school, work or other responsibilities can relate how tough it is to do all they need and want to do in a day. The same goes for the team. We are all just fans working on this site, with responsibilities outside of GDD. We want to do more to better the site for DAI5Y and Girl’s Day, we really do.

To address some of your concerns:
When it comes to subbing, to release quality English subtitles takes many hours to complete, from start to finish each role in subbing requires time. We cannot take it for granted based on the speed of other subbing teams, especially the paid teams. The team is working by dedicating their time into GDD, we are not a paid team and the site runs ad-free and is not for profit.

Now about applicants, we can't simply hire to fill a need. It's not as simple as add team members to increase manpower and share the workload. Much care and consideration is taken when hiring onto the team. There are many great Girl’s Day fansites and individual fans (either on a blog, twitter, facebook, etc) who update and some we would love to have join the team. We would join hands and recruit them in a heartbeat. This second I could name a few fans who post updates independently, that we would love to join us on the team but they may prefer to work on their own and we appreciate that. Appealing to fans to join the team who aren’t already involved in some way is tough. Since working on a site requires us to dedicate our own time, it sometimes is tough to appeal to others this lifestyle. Some quickly find that updating on a site can be tedious and may not be for them. Would working on GDD be for you? We would love to have you join if so.

Much care must be taken when hiring new individuals, they must be a Girl’s Day fan and passionate about supporting and promoting them further through fan updating. Work ethic and attitude is very important but also whether they have the ability to work, either from experience or through training. The atmosphere amongst the team and maintaining quality work is also important when considering who is hired.

When it comes to translations, we have translators (currently active we have: 2 Korean-English and 1 Chinese-English) who work very hard for Girl’s Day in their spare time. We would love to have more translators join the team but this is the most difficult position to fill. It’s the most needed position and most desired by fans but it’s the most thankless job. We must realize it takes a very generous person to translate so that we may better understand. Translators in general, whether working on our site or another site, if they give their time for free for the sole benefit of other fans, they should be praised and thanked! Their work is of the greatest benefit in any fandom since it helps us get closer to the group we love yet it’s the least appreciated. To prove this point: If a ranking system exists in a kpop group team, then translators’ work is King, they are at the top but does the majority know any of the translators' names?

As people we are busy with work, school, family, responsibilities, etc. As fans we want to spazz with DAI5Y and enjoy Girl’s Day’s activities/promotions as much as the next fan. As a team we individually have specific roles but as a group we work together and help each other where needed. We really are moving in a good direction to better the site for our fellow fans and Girl’s Day. We hope in 2014 that we can better support Girl’s Day and be better towards our fellow DAI5Y.

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