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5th Mar 2014 from TwitLonger

I would like to make my 10k Tweet to @CrsKiLLa. There are a few reasons why I chose Adam. 1. When we first met at MLG CBus, you were the coolest, most chill pro I had met. That was my first event, and my first time talking to a Pro in person. 2. The Thursday night before the event started, you let me chill with you, @OpTic_MBoze, @TuQu1ck, and @VexX_PLuTo. I never thought that I would be able to hang out with you guys and be able to just have a good conversation with you. 3. You keep it real with your fans. 4. You said to me, keep it real to myself, with that I can become a better person, not just in CoD, but in reality. I know you may not see this, or even care, but I just want to say you had made an impact on how I view things today.

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