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1st Mar 2014 from TwitLonger

A few months ago, I took a risk. I dedicated my all to streaming to try and make a living because I can't stand the conventional 9-5 living. It's not for me. It drove me to the brink of insanity. Unfortunately, I might be driven back.

For the last 11 days, I have been getting attacked. Every time I stream to twitch.tv/dmbrandon or twitch.tv/smitegame, I get hit with some type of internet attack. Be it ddos a hack or what have you. I've checked it isn't a memory leak by streaming to a hidden twitch channel I use for 3 hours, while playing to ensure I was using the same feed.

I'm going to detail my processes, because I'm getting a lot of advice from you guys, and I want to try and explain the measures I've taken. I hear a lot about the guides Destiny and Riot have put out: They're not working for me.

-First off, I'm using both a VPN with a dynamic IP AND putty/proxifier. I've used them separately, in tandem, I've changed servers, etc. Dozens of times, no luck.

-I have formatted my PC entirely, and installed Window's 8.1 in hopes of their being a margin of error with a new operating system.

-I have unplugged/disconnected every wireless device in my home that would be connected otherwise, including the ps4/xb1.

-I have turned off ivp6 from both my adapters and my router.

-I have changed my ip the upwards of 40 times.

-I have tried streaming with nothing open except OBS and Dolphin single player. I have even tried switching to xsplit.

-I have had Sev stream on my channel while we played Project M, and the stream stayed up and I went down, meaning it wasn't my connection to twitch through OBS.

-I have run scans, removed mumble, and have run the computer with no background processed unessential for streaming. (Should be noted that I tried streaming after the format and still got hit.)

-I left my fiber>coax box disconnected for an hour to change it's address.

-I've changed my mac address.


This is a picture of my wireshark from my most recent attack.

He's still getting me. I'm hoping someone out there in internet land can help assess this issue and get this dude put behind bars. I've called the police, and filed a report. I'll be calling at least once a day until the detectives work with my isp to trap and destroy this kid.

Now, please keep in mind, I'm not angry. Not yet. I'm still determined, and I won't falter. I don't do that. Unfortunately for Team Bastet, what I do like to do, is hold grudges. I hold grudges like a dead Japanese girl, and I can swear that if this keeps up, I'll spend my days ensuring the person who is limiting me from working is hurt. Not physically, mind you. I mean his life. Because that's what is happening to me. He's threatening my way of life.

He DDOS'd me for 24 out of 30 hours on a stream dedicated to raising money for charity in the name of my murdered sister. This is not a person I'm dealing with, this is a monster. I've no empathy for the wicked.

Please help me find him, and put a stop to this. If you can't help me directly, please retweet, and try and let this gain exposure.

If you can help, please message me on twitch.tv @ dmbrandon.


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