Laura Rozen · @lrozen

1st Mar 2014 from TwitLonger

7 unintended possible effects of Russia invasion of Crimea:

1) Could cause EU, US Congress to open their minds to the strategic benefits of an Iran deal (including as an alternative gas supplier to Europe)
2) Could give boost to KeystoneXL gas pipeline in Obama White House (see above, alternative energy supply)
3) Could drive nail in coffin of foundering US efforts to cooperate with Russia to seek political solution on Syria
4) Could it cause Iran, anxious about preservation of sovereignty, to cool to Putin, warm up to possible improved ties with West?
5) Could it push Iran to further effects to seek to directly to defeuse regional tensions with Saudi Arabia, etc. over Syria
6) Could cause friction between China & Russia
7) Could cause US, EU3 to be more willing to declare Syria in violation of Syria CW deal

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